Integrate Video into Your Marketing Plan, Grow Your Business + Become VISIBLE...


If you're looking to reach potential clients in less time with less effort, than it's time to embrace video. 

Winning in business today involves discovering, creating and leveraging competitive advantages through the use of informative, yet entertaining and actionable content. 

Are you ready for a step-by-step strategy that shows you all of the obvious and not-so-obvious best practices of how video marketing will grow your business? 

Think of this course as your key to creating a video process with any skillset, that you can implement and see results within 6 weeks!

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Why Video Visibility is Right for YOU:

  • Is your competition getting all of the limelight?
  • Are you an expert in your field, but no one knows it?
  • Have you mastered the art of selling homes, but still struggling to stand out?
  • Do you want to increase your exposure?
  • Are you tired of competing on price or reduced commissions?
  • Do you have an email database, but find it challenging to create good content to send to your prospects?


Then it's time to use video marketing to increase your expert status and establish yourself as the go-to in your market. This #1 sales tool is guaranteed to get the phone ringing and gain better qualified leads. Plus, with all of this new business, you will never run out of things to share with your audience again!

What This Course Has to Offer

The Video Visibility Course contains everything you could want to know about creating video from scratch, from strategy to implementation.

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“I've seen Tori in action, her thorough understanding of the entire video process sets her apart as a true professional. I learn something new from her everytime!”  

~ Bobbie McGrath,

"Tori Toth led a workshop called Online Visibility....The Power of Video at the Empowered Entrepreneurs Conference in Toronto and I was amazed by her knowledge on the subject. I have known Tori for many years and have always admired her work. This workshop covered everything from equipment to creating content to making your videos entertaining as well as informative. She also talked about how to leverage You Tube and Facebook and so much more. With FB and Google 's algorithms favoring video it is a "must do" in your marketing arsenal! If you have seen any of Tori's videos you will see why she is the expert in this field. I came away with a boatload of notes from her workshop that I am excited about implementing."

~ Marianne Cherico, The Home Stager's Coach  

"Celebrity Home Stager, Tori Toth’s videos on YouTube are an invaluable resource to not only saavy home sellers but to design professionals and decorating enthusiasts alike! I know many interior decorators that claim that they learned to stage homes by tuning into her videos. She covers everything from home organization to seasonal decorating to preparing your home to put on the market. Every video that I have ever seen Tori create is both entertaining and actionable. I highly recommend subscribing to her YouTube Channel so that you don’t miss a video!"

~ Rachel Moriarty,

"Tori Toth should be anointed “Video Queen”! With her years of on-screen broadcast news experience, she is able to clearly explain everything you need to do to produce excellent, magnetic videos for your website. Google is paying more attention to video in their search engine results, so including video on your site or in your blog posts is a fantastic way to drive traffic. Tori clearly explains not only what to do, but also what not to do, to make your videos stand out. I give her instructional videos 5 stars!"

~ Michelle Minch,

More About Your Instructor...

“My name is Tori Toth and I love sharing visual stories which has shown itself throughout my life from my artistic creativity, to my time in the media, and even into the real estate market.  

I've been featured in top media outlets including U.S. News & World Report,, CNN Money, Martha Stewart Living, The Today Show, and In fact, my expertise in the video world garnered me an Emmy nomination as a TV Reporter.

Since 2010, I took these unique skills to market my own home staging company, as well as the home staging industry, by creating a series of “how to” videos watched over 1-million times on YouTube. That phenomenal response paired with my increased visibility inspired me to create,The Stage 2 Sell Strategy, the world’s first home staging course developed exclusively for home sellers available online utilizing on-demand video. 

I’ve seen first hand what it’s done for me. I want to take these unique skills to teach YOU how to maximize YOUR visibility through video. So, take a chance. Step out of your comfort zone and press "record". I promise you will never be the same!"

— Tori Toth

“Tori Toth is a master when it comes to video marketing. Her knowledge and expertise are invaluable, and she has built the most notable online presence in the industry. In her training, she provides her wealth of knowledge, and dives deep into the nitty-gritty details of creating successful videos, from the equipment you need, to developing your content and a clear marketing strategy, to being comfortable on camera."

~ Shauna Lynn Simon, SLS Academy

"Over the course of a long broadcast career and work in the field of higher education, I have come to meet a lot of special people who just "get it" when it comes to communication. Tori Toth is one of those people.  

She and I met during the time when I was an anchor and she was a reporter at News 12 Networks. From covering house fires to now staging houses for sale and more, it’s impressive to see how Tori has shaped her career path from storyteller to educator. Her clever, industrious work ethic, polished presentation and knowledge of this medium can be seen throughout all her videos, on and off camera. I am so proud of Tori's accomplishments and at what a thought leader she has become in her industry."

~ Ted David, Retired Anchor CNBC, ABCRadio, CBSRadio  

"As an International Public Speaker and CEO of the Real Estate Staging Association I understand the critical need for gaining maximum visibility and incorporating that into your marketing strategy. Video not only helps your audience connect with you on a more personal level, it allows you to showcase your skills and expertise. That’s why I’ve always hired Tori for her videography services at my events."  

~ Shell Brodnax, Business Strategist, CEO of Real Estate Staging Association

When You Press "RECORD" Video Will...

  • Allow You to Automate Certain Business Tasks
  • Give You Content to Use Over and Over Again
  • Provide Continuous Communication 
  • Build Relationships Across the Web 
  • Show You at Your Best  
  • Educate Clients About Your Business + Industry
  • Prime Prospects Before You Meet Them 
  • Immediately Connect Clients with You
  • Create the "Know, Like + Trust" Factor 
  • Instantly Make You Look Like an Expert
  • Work as a Marketing Tool Even When Your Sleeping
  • Market Your Brand, Increase Profitability + Generate More Leads, Making You More Money 

Plus, creating a video doesn’t have to cost much, especially if you take the time to strategize and learn from an expert what works to consistently be visible. 



100% Money Back Guarantee

No questions asked, no hassles, no problems! If you're not completely satisfied with The Video Visibility Course we will refund your money.

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